We understand our responsibility to the environment and our aim has been to create a business that has a positive impact. Alongside the health of our customers and compassion for animals, it is the reason you'll find we are a vegan brand and alway will be.

Animal-free Zone

To act in a truly environmentally responsible and compassionate manner we will never use any animal products in any of our business operations.

Designed for Recyclability

Our product packaging is designed for maximum material efficiency, recyclability and our handy pouches are designed to be a more sustainable solution. Unlike the majority of plastic used in packaging that is notoriously difficult to recycle - due to multi layered films or complex structures, our pouches are 100% recyclable due to their mono film material structure. We have also partnered with OPRL to use their clear, concise and UK-wide recycling icons across our packaging to help customers.

Less plastic + Less water + Less energy = Less waste

Two of our pouches use on average up to 75% less plastic than a traditional bottle for the equivalent consumer need, resulting in considerable environmental savings of water, energy and plastic during their production. Not to mention the reduced weight of the packaging and resulting reduced CO2 impact from shipping our products to your door.