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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I buy Here Nutrition?

A. Our products are available exclusively online at this time but do let us know if you'd like to see our products sold near you! Feel free to send us over an email at

Q. Are your products suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

A. Yes thats right our full range is 100% vegan and will soon be registered with The Vegan Society! All of our products have been developed to offer maximum benefits of taking a food supplement with the minimal environmental impact of not containing any animal ingredients.

Q. Can I consume Here Nutrition products if I am pregnant or nursing?

A. You should consult with your doctor before taking any food supplements, including our gummies.

Q. Are Here Nutrition products suitable for my children to consume?

A. Our gummies are formulated with dosages to meet the requirements of adults and children aged 12+.

Q. Your Daily Immune Plus+ has vitamin C in the formula. Is it safe to consume Daily Immune Plus+ along with other supplements that also contain vitamin C?

A. Before taking multiple dietary or food supplements please consult with your health care professional such as your GP or physician.

Q. Do gummy vitamins produce any negative side effects?

A. Here Nutrition's full product range is 100% Non-GMO and contain no drugs. No known side effects will result from the recommended daily dose intake. If you have previous experience of any listed ingredient not agreeing with you or are taking any medication please consult with your GP or physician.

Q. Do Here Nutrition products contain any artificial flavours or colourants?

A. Nope! Here Nutrition products only use fruit and plant-based natural favours and colours from plants, fruits and vegetables.

Q. Do Here Nutrition gummies contain sugar?

A. We have chosen not to use "sugar-free" artificial sweeteners in our products as we prefer to use natural products and only use the equivalent amount of sugar (per daily dosage) that you could expect to find in 1/2 an apple. 

Q. Are Here Nutrition pouches recyclable?

A. Yes - we use only recyclable packaging materials for all our products and they are all BPA-free. They can be recycled with your carrier bags at your local supermarket.

Q. Where is a good place to store my vitamin gummies?

A. Here Nutrition gummy vitamins should not be exposed to excessive heat or moisture. They should also be kept out of the reach of children.

Q. How do the active ingredients of Here Nutrition products compare to non-gummy vitamins?

A. Here Nutrition products provide similar benefits as traditional vitamin tablets or capsules that have the same nutrient types and amounts.